Monday, September 2, 2013

OK I confess

  OK I confess I am a craft hoarder!!! There I said it... :)
  I really didn't believe it till I started this project but I now realize its true :)!!
   Well the first picture is of my DD's room (off to college - now its mine :). She left 2 9-cubes which I will use and the black and gray shelves there are going in the closet.
   (and the blue lady there, I just found her at my favorite thrift store for only 10 dollars, can you believe it - she is made of hard foam not cloth but that just means I will be altering her in the future - if I ever get my room done!!!)
   The next 3 pictures are of my current craft space which is the dining room - it has an entrance from the hallway which is the first 2 pictures. I have a very narrow path to get to my table between my purple file cabinet and the turning CD rack that holds UM stamp sets.  The 4th picture shows the other entrance to the 'dining room' which is completely blocked and as you can see - stuff is stacked about 3 feet high.
   Remember I did confess my addiction - that makes me a 'recovering hoarder' right? - be gentle :)
On the other hand I KNOW I am not the only craftaholic out there :)
   I did not take pics of my bedroom walk-in closet that could not be walked into because I had tubs of alterables  stacked....or the 4 square feet of my bedroom floor space that was also stacked with tubs and projects already done and either on my Etsy shop or waiting for the next craft fair.
   The last 3 pictures start with a view of my current craft space and how you can now see the floor up to about 4 feet into the room (and I can now walk into my walk-in closet and have a big clear space on the floor in my bedroom too.
   The next photo shows my new craft room(in progress) from the door looking into the back left corner - 9-cubes, file cabinet and book shelf - and the last photo shows a view of the closet (and yes it is stacked floor to almost the ceiling .
   It has taken me a lot longer to get this room switched over than I thought it would but then again I am organizing as I go which does take a bit longer (trying to put things in a sensible order and group like items together ect) And yes in case you are wondering - I have purged quite a bit of stuff - about 1/3 of the purge pile  is going to the thrift shop to consign, a third is going to the daycare that my kids used to go to as they make good use of craft items and books and of the last third some is getting thrown away and  there is a small pile that I am still deciding what to do with.....
   Ah well - I have had a break now so I guess I will get pack to my craft rooms and do a bit more work before super.....
   I am hoping to get done this week in time to do a few craft projects but will have to see how much I get done first......
   Take Care


Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Your new craft room looks amazing. You;ll soon be settled and beavering away in there. Enjoy!!! Kym xxx

Ellen said...

We are all hoarders when it come to crafting goodies! How awesome to get some extra space! TFS

Cheryl said...

Love the new craft room! You are going to love having a place where you can just shut the door! I do that all the time with mine! ;)