Friday, November 1, 2013

Flourishes baby card

  Well it has been a week since I posted so I figured it was about time I did....It has been a busy week - work as usual and then I spent 2 full days at a Nursing conference.
  The Nursing conference was awesome!!! One of the speakers is an incredible Nurse, "hear me ROAR "  woman that I have been going to her lectures since I was a very young Nurse at my first educational conference (back in oh about 1988 or 89...somewhere in there) - Mary Ann 'Cammy' House-Fancher MSN,ACNP, CCRN-CSC-CMC, PCCN - she is one of the reasons I stayed a Critical Care Nurse at the stage in my younger years when I wondered if I really could handle all that being a Critical Care Nurse brings!!! Course she is not the only one - there are a handful of others but 'Cammy' was probably the first lecturer I heard that blew me away from the first moment to the last, every time I hear her lecture.  Thanks Cammy!!!

   Todays card is a quick and simple baby card - had it in my draft box for about a month (had forgot about it) from my baby memory book/box combo making spree ... Stamps are from Flourishes and colored with copics. I paper pieced the booties, socks and onesie.

  Rainy day here in NW Florida and I worked last night - slept later than I really should have  - had a function to go to at 1 with the CLL here in town (Center for lifelong learning - I took 2 classes this time and am teaching again in January...) but I didn't make it there - didn't get up till 230 ish but once I got moving I managed to fold laundry, do dished, vacuum, sweep and mop, do some general pick  up.... and even ran over to a gals house who I bumped into at JoAnns last week - she had a bunch of great soft fabric left overs that will be great for some locker hook rugs - now I just need to find somewhere to put the bags/boxes....
  Ok going to spend a few minutes surfing some U-tube encaustic videos - man there is a ton of stuff about anything on u-tube (ya I know - everyone knows that but it still amazes me sometimes, and I really try not to get caught up watching things because its a real black hole for time - I start with one thing and then another 'quick one' and pretty soon my whole afternoon is gone and nothing done.....but sometimes its fun and I am going to feed my new encaustic addiction a bit today :)
   Take Care
     Have a great weekend!!!

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