Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall yard work, locker hook and WOW - HUSKERS!!!!!

   Another beautiful fall day here in NW Florida - did about 2 hours of yard work yesterday(slowly but surely the yard is looking less like a weed factory)
  Then we went to the local pub for a late lunch and to watch football - I brought my locker hook rug (cannot stand to just sit - have to have something to do with my hands....) Watched until halftime of the Husker game at the pub and then DS and I went home to watch the rest.
  The Huskers had good moments and bad - defense still needs a lot of work but our young quarterback also threw 3 got down to the last seconds literally and we were losing - so literally the last 4 seconds of the game the quarterback throws the proverbial 'Holy Mary' throw, its tipped and caught in the end-zone and the Huskers win the game - WOW - my DS and I scared the puppy with our yelling. DD was at the game with her Aunt and cousin who is thinking of going to college at UNL too so they really had fun - there is NOTHING that can match Husker stadium after a win like that!!!!!
   Anyhow here is a couple pictures of the locker hook rug I am working on - it will be 36 by 60 inches - I am right at 2/3 done. I love these colors and my DD wants me to make her one too - although hers will only be 36 by 36 ish.
  All for tonight - will try for some craft room time tomorrow before work....
      Take Care

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