Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Booth pretties....

   Well despite winter storm Leon bringing the gulf coast a rare ice storm today I managed a quick morning run to Panama City to get my pretties up in my booth. (She opens on Saturday and I work the next 2 nights so today was the only day I could have free to do it.)
  The rain started about noon but the temperature was good until the sun started to go down - I now have little icicles starting to form on my clothesline - all the schools are off today and tomorrow because of the storm, and the college, and ALOT of places closed early today, even the DH got out of work early today. Too bad I will have to go to work tomorrow night regardless...
   Well I was happy with how my booth looked and believe it or not I brought the perfect amount of stuff - I had room for everything I brought along without it being crowded and didn't have to bring any back with me.
  All for me today - now that my booth is set up - I am going to try and get back into my craft room :)
   Have a great day - I am going to get into my comfy warm sweat pants and my slippers and head for the craft room :)
   Take Care

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