Monday, January 13, 2014

Locker hook - sore fingers :)

   A bit of house cleaning and a walk and now I could use a nap but maybe a bit of blogging and surfin will do instead....
   I made record time doing this rug as I started it mid December. My DD saw the one I did for my self which is twice as long as decided she wanted one too - only not as long....
  I was trying to get this done in time to send back to college with my DD but I missed it by a couple days so will have to send it.
   The finished size on this rug is 34 inches by 28.
  When I started I decided to keep track of how many hours went into the rug - kept a tablet and marked off squares for the hours with a slash for every 15 minutes (I often sit for just a few minutes in between chores and after or before work just to relax/reward myself :) - so the grand total on this rug, which is a fairly simple pattern is 68.5 hours total!!!
  There were times during Christmas break, when the weather was so cold,  when the DD, DS and I were watching marathons - 24 - NCIS - zombies that I worked on the rug for about 3 hours straight so my hands got a bit sore at times.
  All for now - better get back to the house work....
        Take Care

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ChristineCreations said...

What a beautiful design Tera!