Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shelves up and ready

front of booth
   Well the DH went to Panama City with me yesterday to help me get the shelves I made  up in my booth at the craft market and I thought it turned out looking rather cool.
  I can put shelves on either side of the partitions and can create a little 'vignette' in front and back of both side and people will see my booth (part of it at least) from several directions. There is a main pathway designated to either side and there will be a smaller pathway across the front of my booth too.
   All I have to do now is get all my treasures tagged and loaded into the van for the trip up on Tuesday am....oh and stain 3 more boards the put on the ends of the 'shelves' to hide the unfinished ends.
  The last photo is down the long hallway so you can see how big this place is and the beautiful street lamps she has.
   All for tonight - off to work.
     Take Care
front of booth, right side

from right side

back side of left side

beautiful old street lights

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