Friday, January 24, 2014

Busy, busy, busy....

   Haven't been on the blog or in my craft room near as much as I would like lately - first due to a nasty head cold and cough which is thankfully much better and 2 a new adventure along with a big project....
  My new adventure is that I am going to have a booth at a new place opening up in Panama City (a little over an hour away) - its going to be a Handcrafted flea market. So like the normal flea/antique markets but just for handmade arts and crafts which I think is a super cool idea and a great opportunity for me :)
  I just heard about it about 2 weeks ago - went and looked and decided on Monday this week and she opens on the first of February which didn't give me a whole lot of time.
  I have enough stuff made to put in the booth but didn't have anything to display stuff on.....I had seen a shelving unit at a cute little flower store in my home town made from old doors hinged together and then they attached shelves which I really wanted to do but couldn't find any doors (not for a reasonable cost anyhow - meaning cheep :) So I decided to do the same idea with fencing.
  I bought 3 6 foot tall by 8 foot long sections of ready made fence and the DH helped me cut them into 3 foot wide sections and we put 2 of them back to back.
   Todays project was sanding them down a little (to prevent slivers :) and then staining them and putting on the brackets for the shelves - oh and also painting the pegboard I am going to have on the wall part of my section.
  By the way - if you ever have to paint pegboard use spray paint!!!!! The last time I painted pegboard I used spray paint because I already had some at the house - this time in an effort to save money I used regular paint with a brush and I will NEVER do that again - the paint globs up all the holes and then you have to poke the holes out and smooth out the paint - major pain!!!!
   Well I got everything done except put the hinges on yesterday and we decided to wait on that until we set them up at the craft market on Saturday....and boy am I sore today!!!!
  I didn't get any pics of the shelving but you will get to see it soon, as I plan to go and set it all up (shelving anyhow) tomorrow.
   All for today - the puppy and I need our walk and then I have a couple classes today!!!
      Take Care

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