Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ice, Ice babe

Hallobrrrr, teeth chattering,
  It is an icey morning here in - where am I - oh ya I am sposed to be in Florida :)
  Leon left us with a nice coating of ice overnight. It started raining yesterday about noon and about 330/4 pmish it started to turn to ice.
  Only one other time in 15 years have we seen ice/snow here in NW Florida and the last time it only lasted about an hour  - this time its staying around a bit.
  We braved the ice and cold (the wind is nasty) to get a walk with my crazy puppy - she not only loves the cold but we met up with a friend of mine and her dog and the 2 dogs just ran like crazy once we got to the ballpark.
  I fully plan to stay indoors most of the rest of the day - I do have to go to work tonight though (DS is off school and DH may go in to work at noon but more than likely they will end up with the whole day off too)
  All for now - maybe I can get some craft room time today :)
     Take Care

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