Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Catching up

   Trying to get caught up on everything here - 2 pieces of news that I hadn't shared yet here - first is that I got published in the newest issue of 'Just Steampunk' Magazine - not only one item but 3 and 2 of the items are featured full pages to boot!!! Such fun.  The image I used for all 3 projects is the same one only colored differently each time.
  The first picture shows the cover - maybe next time :)
  The second picture shows the necklace I made hanging over a blue bottle - I used a big pendant for the image an sealed it with crystal lacquer and imbedded tiny seed beads around the edges...the drop charm is made from an old earring which I covered with some distress embossing powder and added a couple tiny gears.
  The third picture shows the keepsake box I made - and the last one is the Journal - both made up with distressed travel paper, distress crackle paint and pretty charms and gears.
   The last 2 photos are of the newest addition to our now off to college and no kids around household :)
  This sweet boy was very much in need of a good home - his first home defiantly wasn't.....but other than being underweight, some fairly easy to treat worms, and starved for attention (believe me he is a lovey dovey attention hog :) he is in very good shape and will end up to be a very big boy. Both his parents are over 80 pounds and this little boy will easily be that - I mean really, look at those ears in the first picture :)
  His name is 'DUKE' - the hubby named him. the hubby wanted to name him 'DOG' - because in the old John Wayne movies whenever he had a dog he called it 'DOG" but I said no so he became  Duke instead.
  All for today - need to get some errands done and have 2 classes today - one to take and one to teach....
  Take Care

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