Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tangles and tangles :)

Quilt tangle - black

Quilt tangle - white
  Just poppin in after work this am to show you some more tangled panels I have done recently.
  The first 2 panels use the same patterns in the same order and I was kinda thinking of crazy quilt squares when I started them....
  The black one was done with a superfine sharpie paint pen and the white with my usual 0.5 micron pen - which has a finer tip than the paint pen.
  The last one I used a bunch of 'steampunk' style looking patterns and I can see me copying this and using it in some future project.....
   All for now - got the pups a short walk and now that they have chilled just a bit its time for sleep - hopefully the pups will sleep too :) or at least be quiet :)
    Take Care

Mountain tangle

Steampunk tangle

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