Saturday, April 23, 2011


Just a quick little post today before we get too busy today - already went for a walk this am and a bit of yard work so I am aiming for some relaxin time. Maybe I will try the pool this afternoon.....

Yesterday when I was done with yard work I grabbed the camera and took some picture of some of my flowers.

These first 2 pics are of my newest Clementis - accually about 2 years old - I made the mistake of trimming him down 2 falls ago and this is the first time he has bloomed since.

I have learned that some clementis like to be trimmed down in the fall, but they don't need to be, and others like this one DONOT like to be trimmed - matter of fact I thought I killed him, so was really glad to see him coming back this year!!! The darker purple behind him is another kind of clementis.

The next several pics are of one of my small cactus near my front door - the first of my cactus to bloom this year. The first 2 photos are actually the same except in the first one I tweaked the lighting a bit and the second one I just left alone - not much difference I guess but the color is more accurate on the second one.

The last flower is a gerber daisy in a pot alongside the pool.

All for today!!! See you on Monday - I plan to prepost for Monday and tuesday because I work 3 in a row starting tomorrow night.....
Take Care

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Betty Wright said...

WOW! Your photos of the flowers are gorgeous! Beautiful!