Monday, April 11, 2011

Simple Christmas

  • Hallo,

  • Blogging this am from DH's computer....I think we have finally decided my old computer is dead(or at least on its last legs and not worth messin with anymore).

  • This is the last of my saved photos/posts so you may not see much of me this week. I worked last night and work tonight and tomorrow night, wednesday I plan to get up early and take DS to get his learners permit.....he turned 15 yesterday!!!

  • I am hopeful that I can get a new computer on thursday and maybe be back up and running sometime that evening or friday.....will have to learn to navigate the new computer, load my camera and the photoshop......

I had a fun day with the DH yesterday - I went with him on the motorcycle for a charity ride/poker run. I hadn't ridden the bike in a looonnng time now. I used to love motorcycles but over the years as an ICU Nurse I have seen enough that they make me a bit nervous these days....but I had a fun time. The weather wasn't too hot - I managed to get sunburned even with the cloudy skys..... The kids didn't miss us much - DS had slept over at a friends friday night and then went along with DD to play ball in the afternoon.

  1. These 2 cards are made with stamps from Flourishes. I wasn't totally happy with how they turned out - I wanted the gold to show more. I will have to try and emboss them next time instead of gold ink..... I used embossing folders under them.

  2. All for today - hope to see you later in the week.....

  3. Take Care


I don't know what it is with blogger lately - it will not do paragraphs for me...tried several things and if it doesn't work this time I will just leave it alone - makes it hard to read, sorry about that!!!

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