Sunday, August 28, 2016

John C. Campbell folk school

   I got back late yesterday afternoon from a week at the John C. Campbell folk school where I took an encaustic wax class.
  Not only was it heavenly to get to play with wax for 5 days in a row but learning new ways to create with the wax, alongside a great group of like minded artistic/creative people and a fantastic Instructor was absolutely wonderful!!!!
  Here are a few pictures that I took around the campus - usually foggy in the mornings. They have a morning walk every morning and I went every day except Friday - we were a small group but we had fun. The gentleman in one of the pics toward the end is Riley - one of my walking buddies who in addition to me carried his camera every morning. Riley is also one of the instructors for woodworking.
    Second to last is a pic of 2 very beautiful pups who stopped by one afternoon with their humans to see the school - very sweet (pups and humans both :)
  And the last pic is of my room in the dorm - 6 single beds but only 4 of us - I had to warn the other gals that I toss and turn a lot and if they heard a thud  I may have fallen out of bed - but I managed not to :).
  All for today - Take Care

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