Friday, August 12, 2016


    It is Friday ya'll!!!! I dragged myself outta bed for a walk with the pups this morning bright and early ( 630) they had fun - we have had so much rain that all the neighbor hood containment ponds were full so I let them get in the water and play for a bit at each one. My big boy was so happy - and even my princess got in and swam. Burned off some of their extra energy they have been saving - its been raining for days and they haven't had their usual walks, got a couple little ones but rain, rain, rain.....
  Todays project is one of my first playing with the cold wax and oils. The image is a digital from Selina Fenech and I enlarged her to fit the 8 by 10  inch paper and then painted her.
  I really like how she turned out!!! She took me a long time.
   All for today - was sposed to do some cleaning today before work but just donot feel like it.....
  Have a great weekend!!!

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