Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fall leaves

   A couple pics from my encaustic class again.
   The first picture is before a shellac burn and the second is after. I first layered 3/4 layers of regular medium to the board and then 2 layers of the yellows, oranges and brown. While the pretty fall colors were still warm I used several leaves and impressed them into the wax so the veins would show. Next I painted over the edges of the leaves and the rest of the board with blue and a bit of purple and while the wax was still a bit warm I pulled up the leaves - leaving the shape and the veins of the leaves showing nicely. Last step was to paint with amber shellac and burn.
  I couldn't resist doing several of these - the last photo is another one with the amber shellac and tomorrow I will show you 2 that were done with shellac mixed with black india ink.
    All for today - getting close to the long weekend.....
        Take Care

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