Monday, August 8, 2016

Urban waters

  A good Monday morning to you all - just about to head out the door to work. Working a different sort of shift this week - 11 am to 730 pm. I kinda like the late start - managed to get in a walk, cleaned house  a bit (bathrooms, dishes, kitty litter and take out the trash...) and still a bit of time on the computer to edit some pics and stop in here.
  This piece is a mixed media type thing that I am doing for an upcoming '3D' show at our local Arts and Design society - not 100% sure if its 'done' or not but I had sat and looked at it for a couple weeks and then added a few touches this weekend...
  Most of the pieces I found after the trailer park down the block cleaned out and it was an empty lot for awhile and every time it rained it seemed to uncover little trinkets....I added blue this weekend for water.....
  It is a big piece - 18 by 24. I started with gluing a city map to the board and then adding several of the bigger pieces of 'finds' so I could secure them better, then added a couple layers of wax and added the smaller pieces and another layer or 2 of wax. Added a bit of brown colored wax for dirt and then added a layer of blue with pigment stick and more wax.... I am thinking I may have to dilute the blue a bit more..... ah well...will see...
  Time for me to get a move on - Take Care

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