Monday, June 13, 2016

New Orleans - 3

  Day 3 of New Orleans pics (and the last round ). I just love all the beautiful old buildings with all the pretty decorative touches and pretty iron windows with cozy courtyards hidden behind them - so that is what I have for you today :).
  Its another HOT one here in NW Florida today - walked the pups at 6 am and still came back mostly soaked with sweat - then did an hour of yard work to boot. Played in the studio for a bit and back home mid afternoon to do some cleaning and maybe have time to take a few pictures.
  I am digging out all my fall and Christmas crafty items and retaking pics and getting them loaded to the Etsy shop - hope to have everything loaded for a July sale....
  Well I had better get a move on....
  Back to the artsy stuff tomorrow .
    Have a great day!!!

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