Monday, June 27, 2016


  Monday am and I am about to head out for some time in my studio playing with wax and then a few errands, the pups took me for a walk early and then I managed to do about an hour and a half of yard work before I about fainted from the heat. Those durn weeds love this heat....
  Showing you another small encaustic wax piece today - it is done on some left over pieces of wood from my neighbors fence that he fixed up. The wood is roughly 5 by 5.5 inches and about a half inch thick.
  I stuck with the clearer white wax for this piece and embedded first the poppy in it after several layers of wax and then added a few more layers. Next is a couple image transfers of an old watch - and a couple more layers of wax, and last a butterfly, and a couple more layers of wax. Both the poppy and the butterfly are from some pretty napkins I found and cut up to layer with.
  It is framed in a 10 by 10 inch frame with a orangey-red matt board to match the poppy.
I will be entering this in next weeks show at our local Arts and Design Society - the theme this time is 'small' so it will be perfect - along with my owl from yesterdays post.
  Time for me to get a move on....
     Take Care

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