Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fibro Fight

   My poor neglected little blog....well I am back and hopefully on a more regular basis.
   I post very little personal stuff other than a few pics of the family here and there but ....
   Well showing you today a few pics of one of my latest projects. And yes the tittle is 'Fibro Fight' and yes its about my fibro fight.
  Pain and lack of sleep have ruled my life the last 3/4 years but it finally got to the point where denial got overruled and I asked my Doc for 'more' - so A pain management consult was arranged and things got a bit better, a bit less pain, a bit more sleep and a plan....
  This painting is many layers of encaustic wax with tissue paper layered into it at different levels....with words I wrote out - Pain, frustrated, sleepless, exhausted, and  hurting, - overlayed with Family, Determined, Hope, Faith, and  Art. Colors are grays and purples with a few slashes of red that is still the pain still breaking through at times. I guess you could say that the pain, exhaustion, frustration ect are always there in the background but lately other things have pushed there way forward to help me out.....
  I did this piece for this months local art show - theme="Say it with words"  And it helped work out some frustrations!!
   Have a great week!!
      Take Care

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