Sunday, June 26, 2016


  It is a hot one in NW Florida today - temps about 98 with heat index at about 105.
  The pups took us for our morning walk about 7 am and it was already about 85 and no breeze, then I did about an hour of yard work and literally could wring out my shirt and pants, as well as my hair.
  Needless to say I have spent the rest of the day inside the house - Did some cleaning, took and edited some photos, made a few cards in my craft room....
  Todays project is an Owl I did and am really quite happy with how he turned out!!! He took me about a good 6/7 hours to paint ....
  The base is encaustic wax and then I used cold wax to paint him.
  He is 6 by 6 inches framed with a silver matting board in a 10 by 10 inch frame.
   I will be doing a few more like this one eventually.
     Have a great day!!!

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