Friday, June 24, 2016


   Well I had great intentions of getting a few things around the house done yesterday after work and got attacked by a case of the tireds - decided to take an hour nap and set my alarm for 430.....don't remember shutting the alarm off, and when I did wake up  it was 7 pm...ate super and went back to bed about 930 and slept some more.
  Ah well I did get a few things done today - laundry put away, dishes put away, a bunch of photos taken to edit for etsy, walked the pups and even got in the pool for a  bit and did some water excersise.....
   I may have already show these but not in the frame - got them framed up last weekend. It is called 'Splatter' and will be up on my Etsy shop sometime this weekend.
  Plans are to head out in the am for a motorcycle ride with the hubby... I haven't ridden with him in awhile, should be fun, if a bit hot...
   Have a great weekend!!!

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