Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Finished rug and Husker dog Kyna

    Well I got out early for my morning walk - nice and cool, love it!!!! Miss Kyna loves it too - she is all energy!!! But she looks so cute with her new Husker bandana!!!! (see end of post for pic)
    While I was home in Nebraska I finished off DD's rug for her dorm room. Even though I have shown some of these pics before I thought I would show you from the start again.
   This is a locker hook rug that I  designed for my DD with all her HS activities on it - the school mascot is an Indian and he carries a spear so I started with that and then wrote the initials of her activities on the handle (IB, JRROTC, SOFTBALL, SWIM)
then she wanted a flag and a softball and I wrote the schools initials on the softball along with her softball number. The background of the rug was done in mostly blue patriotic fabrics (some there are bits of red and white showing too) - because her JrROTC program was Air Force. The letters are all in green because the school color is green.
   This was done with locker hooking and I drew the design on the mesh with a sharpie. The only thing I think I would do different is the letters - the darker green fabrics didn't show up near as well against the brown so if the DS wants one I will stick with the lighter greens.
   I started out by folding under about 4 rows of the mesh and stitching around the entire edge about 4 rows deep - leaving the first row blank because I knew she wanted fringe and so that would make adding the fringe easier. I always finish the edges with either fringe or by whip stitching the edges - just looks nicer and in the long run makes the edges 1 - less likely to come apart and 2 it just looks nicer.
   I did the letters first as they took the most time and then filled in the small spots first - spear, spear head - blue part of flag, stripes blue background, yellow and last the fringe. Most of the time the mesh likes to be worked in one direction - otherwise you have to contend with the rows squishing together - in this case it liked to be done the long way - which made doing the stripes very tedious (5 stitches, turn rug, 5 stitches , turn rug - I made that a bit better by running 2 needles at once so could do 10 stitches - 5 red, 5 white - before I had to turn the rug).
   I was really happy with how it turned out!!! And better yet - DD seemed to like it too!!!!
   Last but not least is the picture of my sweet puppy Kyna and her new bandana - it was really hard to get a good picture as she doesn't like to sit still much - her she is in 'squirrel mode' :)
   All for today - better get busy
       Take Care

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