Monday, June 15, 2015

Circle fusion 1 - Zentangle

  Showing you a bit of Zentangle for my post today - I started by making circles using a small soda can I had nearby and overlapping the circles.
  I then just flipped through my cheat pattern book and pick out ones I liked or thought looked good and doodled away an hour or 2.
  Thats one thing I love about Zentangle - relaxing, easy to do and cool results.
  I am teaching a class in Zentangle with our local CLL (Center for LifeLong Learning) this fall. I am not a certified instructor yet but we are an all volunteer group and I will have fun sharing what I know.
  I mounted the tangle onto gray mat board and framed it up in a 10 by 10 inch frame. I edged the tangle piece with a thin line of black.
   All for this am - need to get a nap after wotk here and then maybe later if it cools off any a bit of yard work and maybe a bit of house work....maybe :)
   Take Care

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