Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Castle in wax

  I am pre-posting for this morning because I worked last night and have determined to come home and take the pups for a short walk and do my stretches before I head off to bed ....usually I sit for a few minutes here at the computer first and then head to bed but I really need to start doing my stretches more and a short walk before I stretch helps loosen things up a bit, not to mention the pups enjoy it and get a chance to burn off some energy :)
  I have another encaustic wax piece for you today - this one is another in the series with vintage images that I transferred onto cardstock and then glued to the board.
  I have since through trial and compare have found that I get pretty much the same look just doing the  transfer directly into the wax - and then I save my good cardstock and the transfer solvent.
  So I started out with about 5 to 7 layers of plain wax and then used a stencil with some blue and silver wax to make the pretty flourish.
   The wax piece is 6 by 6 inches matted to black mat board and framed in an 8 by 8 inch frame.
   I am so excited to get done with these 2 nights of work because yesterday the new Hobby Lobby opened in our area and I am hoping to go take a look Wednesday afternoon (after a bit of sleep)!!!
  All for now - Take care

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