Friday, June 26, 2015

Oceans storm

  A rainy morning here in NW Florida so my pups wont get a walk today - the way the radar looks it will be a couple hours yet and by then it will be way too hot and I will be out and about.
  Our local Arts and Design Society is hosting kids arts camps this week and I am going to help out for a few hours this am and then my friend Pat and I are headed over to our bran new HOBBY LOBBY!!!!! It just opened on Monday so its high time we went and took a look!!!
  I have a small encaustic painting for you today - 6 by 6 inches in a 10 by 10 frame.
  I started with about 5/6 layers of plain wax and then started adding blues and white and using the heat gun not only to fuse by to really melty and get some cool swirls
 and such - I thought it turned  out looking rather oceany and stormy.
  All for now - better get a move on.
     Take Care

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