Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ginko Budda

  I am really lovin the cool mornings we have been having lately - although I didn't get out to do yard work yesterday am , I am headed there right after this!! My flower beds are totally weeded out - Monday I got a bunch done so I need to get more dirt in the ones I got done, and then weed the others.
   I kinda like this shift (11 am to 1930 pm) just so I can get things done in the am....
  Todays painting is called 'Ginko Budda' and it has many layers - I started with 2 layers of plain wax and then added a thin napkin with a pretty oriental  style pattern. Then more plain wax.
  At the bottom is 2 fish from a drawing by Kat then an embedded image of a budda and a piece of distressed oriental paper. Next I added a bunch of ginko leaves in a couple layers with plain wax. Lastly I added a bit of blue, white and yellow wax in spots to show off some of the images.
  Well time to get busy - Take Care

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