Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ginco leaves

  Stopping in here quick as the pups are itching for their morning walk....and we have a friend in town so I won't be on the computer much today.
  This is one of my favorites from my class with Kat Fitzpatrick at the John C. Campbell folk school. It was a long narrow board - 5 inches wide and 18 inches tall.
   I started with the usual 2/3 coats of plain medium and then added 3 shades of teal - the very lightest at top. Then I took a handful of ginko leaves and arranged them into the wax while it was still a bit warm and then coated it with a couple more layers of plain wax.
   Lastly I coated the whole thing with amber shellac and did a quick burn. I really enjoyed how this one came out!!!
   I even found a frame at a thrift shop on Friday that I think will look just perfect - hope to get time to get a few things framed tomorrow. I found about 8 pretty and old fashioned frames at the thrift shop on Friday for only 4/5 dollars each so I have a nice stash to work with - in addition to the pile of new ones from A.C. Moore that I got on sale awhile ago.....
  Off and running - Have a great Holiday weekend!!!

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