Friday, September 2, 2016

Campbell Nebula

  Well I have today off but it will be a busy one running errands, and we have a friend coming into town for the weekend and tonight is the reception/awards night for the current art show at ADSO - our local Arts and Design society.
  Todays encaustic painting is called 'Campbell Nebula'  and is 16.5 by 12 inches.
  I really had fun with this one! I started with a black background and did lots of colors and white and lots of over melting with the heat gun and then went back in and added a few white and yellow 'stars'
   The only problem with getting so many paintings done in one week is getting them ready to display - some I will just hang (one I get the edges cleaned up) and some will need frames....
     Well I had better get a move on - Have a great weekend (I will be preposting for the rest of the weekend :)

P.S. Hurricane  Hurmonie didn't have much impact on our area of Florida - high surf and some low roads near the beach with water, but very little rain and virtually no son is in Tallahassee and they had a bit of storm and have been out of power since last night - trees and branches down but ok.

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