Tuesday, September 13, 2016


  Well between the weekend and yesterday after work, I am starting to get a few of my projects from my encaustic class at the folk school framed and pictures taken - they will start to show up on the etsy shop soon and I will show you how they look framed up here too.
  I started this one as usual with a couple layers of plain wax, then I did a landscape scene in wax.
  Then I went back and added to the tree, leaves and foreground with pan pastels and covered that with 2 thin layers of plain wax.
  I colored the dragonfly with pan pastels and embedded him into the wax and then covered him with 2 layers of wax.
  I then did image transfers of the garden gate and covered with a layers of plain wax.
  Lastly I added some more pan pastels to enhance the tree a bit and did a light fuse - the pan pastels melt right into the wax, then added one last layer of plain wax .
All for today - I will be pre-posting all week as I leave REALLY early in the mornings for work all week.
   Have a great week!!!

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