Sunday, September 11, 2016

City fog

   Another painting for you today from my class with Kat Fitzpatrick at the John C. Campbell folk school.
  I was really happy with the left side but not so much with the right side.
The right side went through a couple transitions before I called it quits....
   The colorful city started as a stencil and I painted it with colored wax. Then after a couple layers of plain was I added a transfer of the old building on the lower left corner.
  The right side started as an image transfer of a photo of mine from New Orleans - some ornate design on one of the buildings but it looked too dark so I added the white and then it wasn't defined enough for me so I did some work with india ink to add some black back in.....and that's where I stopped.
   Several people in the class liked it this way and I am kinda getting used to it.....
     All for today - trying to get some of my pieces framed up - have 2 shows coming up and need to get finished.
    Take Care

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