Monday, September 12, 2016

Vintage baby

  A Vintage style painting for you today - another one from the class I did with Kat Fitzpatrick at the John C. Campbell folk school.
  This is approximately 8 by 8 inches square and is layered first with several layers of plain wax followed by a pretty patterned napkin for the background(which can hardly be seen).
  Next I embedded the picture of the baby that I photocopied and added a touch of color to her cheeks with pastels.
  A couple more layers of plain wax and then a stencil for the blue wax.
  I first did a amber shellac burn and then decided it needed a more defined edge so edged it with black shellac and burned that too- now I am not so sure I like it..... will let it hang around awhile and see if I get some inspiration and change it up....
  All for today - working the early shifts this week so am pre-posting - leaving the house by 530 am is tough!!! :)
   Take Care

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