Monday, September 5, 2016


         Day 4 of my 4 day weekend, feeling a bit slow this am....pups took us for our walk and its a bit cooler than usual this am which is nice. Cloudy and looking like rain.
        We had an friend in town yesterday and had a great time sitting around and talking, went to breakfast this am and then she had to head for the airport. And I headed to the studio. I cleaned up the edges on all the paintings I did in Kat's class at the Folk school and did a couple other little things, like putting away some of the goodies I ordered since the class for new tools and such...
     We were out of  power for about and hour and 1/2 right as I was getting home from the studio so I took the pups for a short walk - light rain but at least it made it cooler.
    Not sure what I am doing today - should start working on getting things framed for 2 shows coming up - 3 pieces for the ADSO - Autumn themed show and then 5 pieces for the Fair show....
   Todays painting has a lot of stuff on it - several washi papers embedded into the wax, then a leaf cut out sprayed with gold metallic spray, then some paper napkin poppies, then a photo from my flower garden a couple years ago with another napkin butterfly overlapping that.....a couple layers of plain wax and then some gold leaf to brighten things up...
     Well that's about all for today - I work 11 am to 1930 pm the rest of the week so should be able to get a bit of house cleaning done - wont have much time next weekend. Saturday next weekend I have an all day Nursing conference - its a local conference and good hours for very little.
  Hope you have a great day!!!

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