Saturday, September 10, 2016

Vinatge Bird

  Posting a bit early this am as I am going to a Nursing Conference for most of the day. It is a local one put on every year and very good with a great lunch provided to boot!! Always need more education hours!!!
  This painting is my favorite of the vintage style ones that I did in my class. The bird image was printed onto copy paper and I colored him with pastels and then fussy cut him out.
   I started with several layers of plain wax and then some light teal layers.
  I then did a couple image transfers into the background - with a couple layers of plain wax between.
  Next I embedded the bird and another couple layers of plain wax.
  I used a stencil for the pink and blue figures and then amber shellac with a burn to finish it off....
    All for today - gotta get a move on....
       Take Care

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