Wednesday, September 7, 2016


  Well I had big ambitions for this am - nice cool morning to get some yard work done...but I had a really hard time dragging my butt outta bed and then the pups we in the mood for a longer walk so that is about all I will get done this am.
  I did sleep good the last couple nights so that is good - feel like I am always playing catch up though....
  Todays painting was a real challenge for me in my wax class - it went through 4/5 transformations before I liked it enough to keep.
  I had never really tried to do a lot of texture before so this was a good time to experiment. The bottom right side is pretty much original it was the other side that got changed up several times.
  The texture is built up using a fairly dry/cool brush with wax and not fusing it but lightly so as to leave the bumps in.
  I smoothed out the other side eventually and used a labyrinth stamp to imprint into the wax.
  I used black colored shellac on the top left half and amber on the bottom right.
  All for this am - time to get cleaned up and my lunch made for work.
    Take Care

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