Friday, September 9, 2016

Vintage Woman

  Another nice and cool morning here in NW Florida - I am loving it. Went for the usual morning walk and now just puttering around on the computer.....did a bit of yard work yesterday so feeling a bit lazy today....
   Another of the vintage style paintings for you today. I started with a couple layers of plain wax onto board and then used a pretty paper napkin for the background.
  Added a piece of black and gold paper and then the image of the lady all embedded into 2/3 layers of wax and another couple layers on top also.
  Then I used a stencil with some country pink wax - not to bright so more of a vintage look....
  Lastly I covered the piece with amber shellac and did a quick burn.
  I really need to get myself busy and get all they paintings framed up.....
    Well better get a lunch packed and get ready for work.
       Have a great day - ITS FRIDAY!!!!

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