Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Evening

Well between last night and today, I am pooped!!! My Mom was admitted to the hospital last night back home in Nebraska so I was on the phone alot and then couldn't sleep. She was pretty uncomfortable with a swollen leg, fever and pain - and pain meds make her nausous. I was on the phone alot again today and Mom is doing alot better this evening!!!
I got about an hour nap on top of the 3 I got overnight between the kiddos coming and going. They had ROTC Military Ball tonight and the gang looked sooo sharp!!!
In this first picture - girls are my sweet Paula(left) and Ashly and the back row left to right is my handsome Jack, Alex, Eathon and Jon.
The first 3 pics are the few semi serious ones I got and the rest are the fun ones.
They are a great group of youngins!!!!
All for now - gotta get myself ready and moving on to work tonight!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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