Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More spoonin

I just had too much fun doing these up yesterday!!!! I did these 2 up and have 2 more to do :)
I painted the first frame an 'antique white' - in other words ivory.... and the second frame I first painted with a nice silvery gray and then did a ivory crackle finish over the top. I like the crackle one best...
Not too much stamping on the frames - just the phrase which is stamped onto a Spellbinders fancy tag cut from silver paper.
I showed these to my DH and then had to explain it to him - LOL - 'you know - spoonin...' he rolls his eyes.....
In between pics of the 2 frames is a picture of the card I did to match the all white frame because we are giving this to friends of ours who just got married this week. But I may just have to make cards to match the others I make too....

All for today - off to sleep and then another night of work :)
Take Care