Saturday, October 29, 2011

ROTC comp

Quick post this evening before I crash...worked last night so tried to catch a couple hours sleep yesterday am without much luck. I got up and went to watch the kids at the ROTC competition.
I missed Jack's color guard comp by only about 20 minutes - bummer - especially since they took second place (unfortunately I am not to safe driving on no sleep....even little sleep is better).
I did get to see Paula's drill comp which is the first several pics and the last 2 are of Jack and the color guard team with their trophy.
In this first pic Paula is front row, middle.

Second pic Paula is middle row, only girl.
Third pic she is second row - far right.
The pics of Jack and the color guard team aren't the greatest but it was all I could do to catch them and make them stand still long enough for a couple pictures.
There were 13 teams at this competition and the kids HS team took 2 awards - Jack's color guard team being one of them.
They all looked very sharp in their uniforms and very professional looking (if I say grown up looking they will roll their eyes at me :)

All for tonight - me tired.....
Take Care

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