Saturday, October 15, 2011

Purple baby girl

I am bushed tonight but I had a good day at my craft fair !! Saw lots of good friends and talked with alot of good people - even managed to pass along some of my crafting creations to new homes!!!
Both my kiddos were busy so my DH helped me pack up at the end and get everything done - most of my craft stuff is still sitting in my living room behind the couch - will tackle getting back into my storage closet tomorrow.
This was my first time doing a craft fair since I had my new fancy phone so this time I didnot put my Etsy shop on hold for the day but when something sold that was in my shop I was able to get on my phone/internet and delete it almost right away (as soon as there was a break in customers anyway :). It worked really well - sometimes all this technology is kinda handy to have :).

My project today is another baby box and memory book combo - this time in purple and girly.
The main image is from MFT (My Favorite Things) and the onsie is from Gina K.
The row of white onsies is a clear scrapbooking sheet that I just cut a row off at a time and I still have over half the sheet left (and I used a 50% off coupon on it too when I bought it :)

Matching Memory book, gift card, and a packet of matching onsies.
I thought it turned out really cute 0 but then I love purple!!!
All for today - Take Care

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