Friday, February 22, 2013

#2 Watercolor class

  A very rainy day here in NW Florida. It has been raining since the we hours of the morning and it looks like to continue through saturday night with a short break and rain again Sunday night and on into late Monday or even Tuesday. But that is a good thing as we need the rain and it was so nice to sleep this morning with the rumble of thunder and the sound of rain!!! And there is nothing like sitting either in my craft room or in the living room doing crafts or reading a good book in the rain!!!
  Course my puppy loves to walk in the rain so she still takes me for a walk....
   Well today I am showing you the photos of my demo board for the second watercolor installment of my 'Coloring for cardmakers' class with the CLL. We used 2 images from Flourishes - both we used before in the pencil section of class, so I thought it would give a different look to do them with watercolors too. I embossed both images in gold - the cherry blossums in an antique gold and the pointsettas is a brightrer gold. For card makers who still want to do watercolors but are a bit shy about the 'out of the lines' look of watercolors, then embossing the image can make coloring with watercolors a shade more precise because of the little  ridge  that the embossing has.
   The very first image of both I did a very light wash and then with a dry brush pulled the wash color back out of the flower petals so the red color I wanted to use on them would stay truer red. The leaves being green it would affect because of the blue already in the green color.
  I darkened the background to one side of each of the images as a 'shadow'  and gradually added layers of color to darken and define the image until it was what I wanted. Although I almost left the pointsetta more pink like the second image just because I liked that soft color..
   I will have some sample cards made up to show you in the next couple days - I plan to give one card to each of my students just so they have a finished project - with the images I have used -  to look at too. ( we aren't acually making cards in this class - I am just demonstrating coloring techniques and showing them a few things about coloring with the blendable pencils and watercolors)
  All for today - I am headed off to the couch to work on my new locker hook rug project - I will have to get some photos of that too  - when the sun peeks out again :)
   Have  great weekend!!!!

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