Sunday, February 10, 2013

Family post - JROTC Ball

   A few pics of my kids and some of their friends this am from the JrROTC Military Ball last night.
  Jack was in charge of organizing the ball this year - from location, food, invites, music, all the way to the Senior video - and he did a fine job of it too!!!
  Paula as Corp Commander was front stage and center making the announcements and leading the ceremony.
                                                                                                           At this type of function they always post the colors and set a table or place for our missing and fallen soldiers. Everything on the table has a special meaning...its a way of remembering.....
 The boys were all in uniform and the gals all dressed to the 9's - a few parents stayed for the dinner too but the DH and I opted not to bug the kids further and went out to eat on our own (which, even though we have been able to do this more often lately - still feels a bit 'different'...)
  Miss Angie had to make Tom dance with her quick before we left - a running joke because Tom almost never dances but Angie has persisted and succeeded on several occasions :)
  All for this am - headed for the craft room - dreary morning and will probably be raining by lunchtime for the rest of the day.....
         Take Care

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Kudos to all the young people, thank you for sharing...