Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Locker hook

    Just a quick couple pictures of my newest hobby - locker hook - it uses a mesh canvas similar to latch hook but instead uses strips of fabric (which is a perfect way to use up scraps of material.)
  This is just a practice piece - will start one for a rug in the next day or so....
   I just drew some lines with a sharpie and outlined them with black and then filled in the 3 spaces - one with yellows that I did in a circular pattern, one in browns which I stitched horizontally and one in reds stitched vertically - just to see what kind of look they produced.                                                                                                            
   I have some flannel material that I bought several years ago to make rag rugs with but never got them done - so I plan to finally use that material. I also have an idea for a wedding theme wall hanging made with the satin of a wedding dress along with ribbons and lace - cannot wait to start that one except that I want some more practice first!!!
   All for today -  I guess I should get something made for super!!!
      Take Care

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Carola said...

Very interesting, Thank you for sharing...