Monday, February 25, 2013

Locker Hook rug

   A quick post this afternoon - a rainy afternoon. I had hoped to spend most of the day in the craft room but other than one card I haven't gotten much done :)
   Here's is a couple pics of the latest project with my newest hobby - Locker hook. The canvus  is a 30 by 36 inches but I am sure it will be slightly smaller once done.
  I thought about doing a more geometric grid with rectangles outlined in red but ended up giving in to whim and just brought out a sharpie and drew some circles and then some waves - there will end up to be 4 red waves around the tan circles and the rest filled in with whites and creams.
  This rug is coming together nicely - its very easy to do and I love that it uses strips of fabric that were scraps. I have several ideas for projects with the locker hook so should keep me busy for awhile...
  All for today - Take Care

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