Friday, February 8, 2013

Coloring class - 4

Hallo again,
  Its not often lately that I post twice in one day - having trouble just keeping up with once a day posts.....
  But had to show you what I taught in class today ....I showed everyone a little about the pencils (Koh-i-noor) and OMS (= oderless mineral spirits).
   The first picture is my demo board for todays class - in the top example I pretty much colored as usual and then blended the last image with the OMS.
  On the bottom row I did half and half - the left half of the image was colored by dipping the tip of the pencil into the OMS and then coloring and the left side colored and then blended at the end as I did the top one.
   The OMS smoothes out the pencil a bit for a subtle but differnt look. 
   Both stamps are from Flourishes -
   All for today - Take Care

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