Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A tangle a day....

  Well the pups took me for a long walk this am - not quite as humid as yesterday at least. I took them down to the little beach near us but couldn't let them loose as there were several people there but they had fun in the water anyhow....Duke absolutely loves the water, Kyna is ok with it but likes to look around at other stuff too, Duke want to be in the water 100% of the time :)
  A quick zentangle for you this am - 6 by 6 inch Bristol vellum finish cardstock and a .01 micron pen, and a fine point sharpie to fill in the bigger spots.
  Not sure what I will do with it yet but I love when I have a bit of time just to lose myself in a tangle....
  Well lots of things on my list today - time to start crossing things off!!!
   Take Care

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