Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tangled Flight

  Well I am up and moving after working last night but don't really have much motivation yet...come on caffeine :)
  Showing you a project that I finished off in my studio earlier this week.
  This is a large piece - 18 by 24 and is a piece of birch.
  I first put on several layers of encaustic gesso so it was nice and white and then spent several months - a bit at a time inbetween other stuff - adding the zentangle background.
  Well to be accurate this piece started with the 8 by 10 center piece in a class I took this spring where we played with backgrpounds and stencils and textures - the background was painted with acrylics and then added some clear paste for texture and then some gesso, then a stencil with gesso and finally I added the zentangle with a fine sharpie and a fine paintbrush.....
  So once the board was fully tangled I started adding layers of clear encaustic wax - about 6 to 8. I then measured around the 8 by 10 piece and cut into the wax a few layers down to embed the main piece. Then I added about 2/3 layers of wax over it all again and smoothed the surface with an encaustic iron. I added black wax to the edges as it looked a bit more finished that way, added hardware and will be added to my studio space this week :) It will  also up on my etsy shop soon too....
  All for today - time to find something to do - kids are both working and the hubby is out and about on the Harley so maybe its time for me to jump in the pool for a bit....maybe a movie since I have had free movie tics for awhile now and cant seem to get anyone to go with me.....
  Take Care

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