Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Squares - version 1

  Just a short post this afternoon - a quick break from house cleaning. I slept till about 130 and then made the mistake of getting on the computer so that pulled me in for about 2 hours (course I did take a bunch of photos of projects and edit them so not all of it was surfin...)
  So them I started cleaning - sweep/mop - done, laundry - in the works, dishes - done, garage and driveway swept - done, next is to brush the dogs and vacume....thought about getting in the pool for a bit but no sooner than I did and it started thundering and now its all dark and murky and fixin to rain-like..... maybe it will blow over while I finish cleaning.....
  Todays project is a zentangle  6 by 6 tile done with squares - I have done a few like this and will probably frame up several together.
  I really love my zentangle - just a pen a tile and into the zone I go :)
  All for now - gotta get my furr babies a little bit less furry...
  Take Care

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