Thursday, July 16, 2015


  Well I am up and moving, HOT and HUMID and almost no breeze whatsoever here this am...the pups took me for a short walk and my day has begun....
I will be helping with the am session of the kids art camp at ADSO (Arts and Design Society) this am, then lunch with my DD and a nap before working tonight....
  I had great plans for crossing things off my to do list yesterday but got almost none of them done....just didn't have the energy .....besides I took a look at the rug I am making for my Mom and realized that I am only half done and have only  a month to go till I need to have it I worked on the rug for a couple hours and then finished off a couple things in my craft room including these 2 projects - 2 more to add to the 'reading card' stash. I am only about 15 of these away from having them all done (for a 50 card deck plus about 10 extra so she can pick and chose a bit...)
  Both these cards were done with the same image from Sweet Pea Stamps. This is an image by Rebecca Sinz called 'Midnight Travelers' and as usual I couldn't decide how to color them first so I did 2 different versions.
   For this first card I went with a gold unicorn and a rainbow colored mane and the second one I did a more traditional white unicorn. I added some glitter to the unicorns mane, horn and feet, edged both panels with gold metallic pen and added some gold corner stickers too.
   The back is stamped and embossed with stamps from Papertrey Ink.
   All for today - Take Care

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