Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shiny Brights


Lesson for the day - never try to shop online after working a 12 hour night shift!!!! I got an email from 'My Favorite Things' stamp company this am about the monthly VIP special and didn't want to miss out (as they are sometimes sold out by later in the day) so I decided to go ahead and order before I went to bed this am....and browsed a bit and added a couple more things, and got sleepy and was nodding off, but was determined to get my order in so I pressed on....and ended up at the end of my order hitting the 'place order' button not just twice but 3 times - AAkkk - now I would have been able to use the extras as gifts down the road but the budget didn't really allow for that kind of ooops at this time.....Fortunately for me Kim at MFT is a total doll!!!! I emailed her as soon my head hitting the keyboard woke me enough to realize what I just did , and she was sweet enough to cancel the 2 extra orders for me..... I am such a durf sometimes LOL. So no more am-after-working-night-shift shopping for me!!!!

Thanks Kim!!!!

Ok on to todays cards - would you believe more Christmas cards - at this rate all my 2011 cards will be done by May..... :)

The challenge over at Flourishes forum on SCS this month is to recycle/reuse something you got at Christmas - well one of my kiddos electronic type presents had this great silver glossy cardstock as part of the packaging material - already did one card with it and today finished off 4 more....

I love the ornaments from this Flourishes set - they remind me of Shiny Brights and so I went with that - white, gold, red, blue and antique photo distress embossing powders onto the silver cardstock for some Shiny Bright cards....
I may need to 'find' some more silver glossy cardstock!!!!
All for today - Hope to have some major crafting time tomorrow so I will see you then!!
Take Care


Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

You are on a roll with your cards, and yes it will be good to be done by May. lol These are lovely and the shiny paper is wonderful.

Keri Lee Sereika said...

LOL Kim is awesome that way...she probably would have called you to say "did you mean to order this all THREE TIMES??" LOL!! Love the cards, each is so unique Tera!

Dawn B. said...

Oh my gosh you are really organized..I can't believe you are Christmas stamping.. Great job.. I love this set..