Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sewing jars

Back posting for today from wednesday am....I slept all day yesterday, got put on call for work so ended up staying up till about midnight and then going back to bed. I got a bit of crafting done after the family went to sleep and then finished these up this am.
Remember the big box of jars I found at a yard sale - well here are 2 of them.
The one on the right has a pin cushion made from a vintage handkerchief and the jar is filled with quilting pins.
The one one the right has a bunch of vintage sewing items that I found at a thrift shop. I attached the pin cushion to the cork topper and then put a selection of vintage items inside - including 2 small packets that look like promotional items, one is small packets of hand and face lotion and the other has little matchstick looking things that the instructions say to wet and they get sticky to fix a run in your nylons (I had never even heard of such a thing before and neither has my Mom so I wonder how old these might be?). Also included inside the second jar is a seem ripper, a crochet hook, a small measuring tape in a plastic case (another promotional item) a paper tape measure and some needles and thread....

I decorated the neck of the jars with strips of an old pattern that I folded accordion style and glued on and put a ribbon over the top. I then added a tag stamped with stamps with a sewing theme from Stampin Up and Gina K.
I have a craft fair on friday up at work so if these don't sell then I will put them up on the Etsy shop on saturday.
All for now - headed back to the craft room to see if I can get another couple projects done to take to the craft fair on friday (I teach part of the day tomorrow so not much time then).
Take Care

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